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Activities and Excursions

The ideal vacation for someone might be lazing around the beach, for someone it might be drinking their favorite beverage in the shade of the nearby cafe, and some will never miss a chance to do some sports.
Early morning jogging or swimming, hiking on the hills of Biokovo, "scraping", free climbing, paragliding, rafting, canyoning, mountaineering,.. those are all activities you can take up in the Brela and the surrounding areas.
Water sports are also organized, which means that you can ski, drive a jet ski, fly a parachute, or enjoy a ride on a "banana" or "tuba".
Our scuba diving locations are also very attractive.
we definitely recommend a hike and exploration of the Biokovo mountain, but only in the accompanying of a guide, through organized field trips.At only 40 km from Brela, there is a small golf course.
If you are not a sports fan, you will like an unusual cruise - booze cruise - organized by the Hostel Casa Vecchia, with it's Gorki leut.

Two wheel enthusiasts, bicyclist, love this area, too. Among our regular guests we have few of them that return every year to enjoy the early morning rides trough the path of the mountain Biokovo nature park, right next to river Cetina or just along the coast towards Makarska and further down south. It is often the case that the people combine mountain bike riding with the rock climbing in this area.

We also have a whole bunch of information materials and a ready answer to the question of where to go and what to do.


Rare are the regions blessed with such a beauty and diversity as Dalmatia, and lucky are those who have experienced it all, incuding even locals.
We know that we have the sea, rivers and lakes, islands and high peaks, caves beneath the surface of the sea and rocky mountains, but each part has its uniqueness, something that differs it from the other. Fertile fields, cruel immense stones, forests, meadows, snow peaks and beautiful beaches ... Widely known for the richness of flora and fauna, aromatic and medicinal herbs as food, but as well as inspiration and spice, blue and white fish, saltwater and fresh water, the sea, rivers and fields... And people who give life to old recipes and offer it generously to anyone who is willing to seek and enjoy them.
It is our wish that you get to know as many wonderful places in Dalmatia as possible. Here is a few suggestions for one-day or half-day trips.

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